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“My love and admiration for Dollface Persian cats probably began as a teenager seeing them depicted in artwork by Lisa Frank! Years later when I discovered “the real thing”, I fell more in love with the breed and hoped to one day have one!

I was blessed to afford my first Silver Dearheart Dollface Persian in 2013, and since then I couldn’t be happier when I found the Golden variant, and brought “George” home in 2017.

I was sure I didn’t want to fix them so that they would have a happy and natural life. And they fell in love and bore kittens, and the rest is history and our current loving family!

I am fortunate to be able to dedicate most of my time to their care, working from home in my creative pursuits, watching and learning from such special and sensitive creatures.

If you also found yourself enamored by this wonderful breed, I encourage you to research well and carefully select your dream baby to bring home soon!

I wish you many blessings and know that these animals will soothe and help prosper you even more!

With Love,

Bina Maison”